What is Felting?

Felt is a non-woven fabric formed when sheep's wool or animal fur is subjected to heat, moisture and pressure or agitation. Soap, or an alkaline environment, helps the felting process. Heat and moisture cause the outer scales along the fiber to open, and the soap allows the fibers to slide easily over one another thereby causing them to become entangled.

Felting is a simple technique requiring very little equipment. The main advantage felting has over other textile techniques is producing a finished product in much less time.

If you learn the technique of felting, then you can create almost anything: shoes, clothes, hats, home furnishings and even a house.

This exciting experience can be a hobby and a career. You can make clothes and furnishings for yourself and your family, and also take orders for money.

The possibilities for creativity using felting techniques are endless. In felting, we not only use wool, but also many other natural materials: fabrics, fibers and yarns of silk, viscose, bamboo, nettle and other plant and animal fibers. In this way you can create anything of you can imagine.

Here is my gallery of things that I made:

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